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Home  |  Children's Health  |  Native Remedies Bad Dream Sprinkles - Bad Dream & Night Terrors Relief
Native Remedies Bad Dream Sprinkles - Bad Dream & Night Terrors Relief [810845010214]
Price: $36.95
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Bad Dream Sprinkles is a natural homeopathic remedy to relieve nightmares and night terrors in toddlers and children. and restore peaceful sleep


Use Bad Dream Sprinkles to:
1. Prevent and manage night terrors and nightmares
2. Comfort your child after a bad dream
3. Promote an easy return to restful sleep
4. Calm anxieties in the middle of the night
5. Settle your child after night time waking
6. Encourage healthy fear-free sleep

What are Bad Dream Sprinkles?
Children's nightmares and night terrors can be difficult to manage in the middle of the night, when we are tired and little ones are difficult to settle down. We developed a gentle and effective, natural remedy which will help to settle your child after the occasional nightmare or night terror, while also helping to restore healthy sleep patterns in the child who suffers from frequent night time disturbances.
Bad Dream Sprinkles contain a combination of gentle yet effective ingredients that are used to provide comfort and to settle your little one in times of fear and anxiety. Safe and easy to administer, the pleasant tasting granules of Bad Dream Sprinkles are sprinkled on the tongue and rapidly absorbed in the mouth to provide immediate relief to your child. Granules are sweet tasting and fine enough to be taken even by babies and small children, many of whom come to associate the taste with comfort and security. Bad Dream Sprinkles are especially formulated to offer immediate comfort to your child and to promote an easy return to normal, healthy sleep. They may also be used preventatively for children with chronic and frequent nightmares or night terrors.
It contain a combination of herbal and homeopathic ingredients that are 100% safe and natural.

What are the Bad Dream Sprinkles Ingredients?
Aconite (30C)
Kali Phos (6C)
Nat. Sulph. (6C)
Lactose - inactive ingredient

How do I use Bad Dream Sprinkles?
To take, dissolve these very small pleasant-tasting granules directly in the mouth. Alternatively, granules may be dissolved in soft food like yogurt or apple sauce, sprinkled directly on the tongue or mixed in a little warm water.
Children 6 months+: Sprinkle a generous pinch onto the tongue as needed.
Special instructions: Dosage may be repeated in 10-15 minutes if necessary. May also be taken regularly before bed and repeated during the night if necessary.

Not recommended for children under 6 months. Safety during pregnancy and nursing has not been established.

How long until I see results?
Bad Dream Sprinkles works quickly and results are excellent.

Get maximum results with regular use
Conventional medicine works by often treating just the symptoms, natural medicine strives to create holistic balance in the body to support systemic health, relieve ailments, and help prevent future disease. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the natural ingredients in our remedies support overall health and functioning (rather than just suppressing symptoms).

Each of us respond to natural medicine in different ways, some of our satisfied customers experience immediate results while many others have reported optimal benefits taking effect within 3-6 weeks. To ensure you receive optimum results it is important to take natural remedies as directed and remain consistent. You may also find that a smaller maintenance dose is beneficial for ongoing support, many customers report taking a regular maintenance dose as part of a preventative program for continued health and well-being.

How long will a bottle last?
Bad Dream Sprinkles comes in a 20g bottle of fine granules and contains approximately 100 doses. With daily use one bottle should last approximately 2 months. Exactly how long a bottle lasts will depend on the frequency of use.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure and is not a substitute for a professional consultation with a medical or health professional. Do not make any changes or additions to your prescription medicine without first consulting your doctor. Should symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

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