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Home  |  Women's Health  |  Menstruation/PMS  |  Native Remedies Femalite - Natural Remdey for PMS, Cramps & Bloating
Native Remedies Femalite - Natural Remdey for PMS, Cramps & Bloating [810845013970]
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Femalite is a natural, herbal remedy to balance mood during PMS and period, to help relieve menstrual cramps, PMS symptoms and bloating in adults and teenagers.


Use Femalite to:
1.Relief from symptoms of PMS depression
2.Soothes cramps, bloating and aches related to PMS
3.Balance and maintain mood swings
4.Supports feelings of well-being
5.Relieve anxiety and headaches
6.Reduce swollen and tender breasts
7.Addresses common blues experienced during the premenstrual period
8.Supports healthy fluid balance

For a real life story about using this product check "The Dreaded Curse - PMS" in our blog using the following link:

Natural Remedies Blog - Real Life Stories of Herbal Remedies

What is Femalite?
Femalite is a therapeutic combination of herbs has been chosen to effectively treat and prevent all the major symptoms of Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS). Femalite contains concentrated medicinal extracts of three powerful herbs in therapeutic strength, to treat the most troublesome symptoms of PMS. Use Femalite for a few days before your period and say goodbye to bloating, sore breasts and mean mood swings! Used for the first few days, Femalite is also very effective in treating and preventing menstrual cramps. Because of its gentle yet effective action, Femalite may be safely used by adults, teenagers and even pre-teens!

What are the Symptoms of PMS?
There may be complaints of feeling "out-of-control", angry, irritable, anxious, depressed and having uncontrollable crying spells. Headaches and fatigue are also very common symptoms. There are often cravings for chocolate or carbohydrate rich foods. However, symptoms may vary from month to month and there may even be symptom-free months.
Over 150 symptoms have been attributed to PMS.
Premenstrual emotional and physical changes occur in nearly 80% of menstruating women. The symptoms vary from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle. Their intensity ranges from mild to incapacitating. Symptoms may be both physical and emotional. Physical symptoms may include headache, migraine, fluid retention (bloating), fatigue, constipation, painful joints, backache, abdominal cramping, heart palpitations and weight gain. Emotional and behavioral changes may include anxiety, depression, irritability, panic attacks, tension, lack of co-ordination, decreased work or social performance and altered libido. Scientists have been unable to identify a single cause of PMS. Theories range from hormonal and chemical to nutritional and psychological. Women whose mother or sisters have PMS are more likely to have it, so there may be a genetic component. A combination of genetic, physiological, and environmental causes are likely.

The Natural Way
Naturopaths and herbalists have a much more holistic understanding of the natural rhythms of a woman's body. Herbal remedies have been successfully used for centuries to help women with menstrual problems and to soothe the symptoms of PMS. Instead of trying to suppress symptoms, specially selected herbs and lifestyle changes are used to bring female hormones back to a natural balance - thereby restoring systemic health and functioning, without the harmful effects of psychiatric drugs or OTC medication.

What are Femalite Ingredients?
Sweet Fennel
Pasque Flower
Lemon Balm

How do I use Femalite?
Dilute drops in a small amount of water or juice, and sip slowly. Alternatively, hold bottle upside down and drop directly into the mouth.
Age 10 - 12: Use 10 drops 2-3 times daily as needed.
Age 12+: Use 10-15 drops 3-4 times daily as needed.

Safety during pregnancy or breastfeeding has not yet been established.

Femalite is highly recommended along with the following natural remedies for maximum effectiveness.
Endo-Ex - to support the health of the endometrial lining
Dong Quai - to support hormonal balance and harmony throughout the menstrual cycle
Mens-Reduce - to maintain balanced normal menstrual flow

For PMS linked to depression (PMDD), use Femalite together with MindSoothe Capsules to treat both depression and PMS symptoms.

How long until I see results?
Femalite quickly helps to support a stable mood.

How long will a bottle last?
One bottle of Femalite will last through four to five menstrual cycles, depending on frequency of use.

Disclaimer:: The information on this website is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure and is not a substitute for a professional consultation with a medical or health professional. Do not make any changes or additions to your prescription medicine without first consulting your doctor. Should symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

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