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Home  |  Psychological Health  |  Stress & Sleep  |  Native Remedies Serenite-LT Natural Sleep Remedy and Insomnia Relief
Native Remedies Serenite-LT Natural Sleep Remedy and Insomnia Relief [810845013529]
Price: $34.95
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Serenite-LT natural sleep remedies and herbal insomnia relief. Solve your sleep problems permanently with Serenite-LT, A new improved formula with added nutrients!


Use Serenite-LT to:
1. Treat the underlying causes of chronic insomnia.
2. Restore your sleep cycle and induce regular deep and satisfying sleep.
3. Treat depression, anxiety and insomnia without the side effects of prescription drugs.
4. Balance serotonin levels naturally.
5. Relieve both sleep maintenance and sleep onset insomnia.
6. Prevent morning 'grogginess' associated with prescription and OTC sleeping tablets.
7. Avoid addiction caused by prescription sleeping medication.
Serenite-LT is formulated for adults and teenagers over 12 years of age. For babies and children under 12 years of age see our Serenite Jr. formula.

What is Serenite-LT?
Serenite-LT - a unique herbal remedy formulated to treat the underlying causes of chronic insomnia in the long term.

What is Insomnia?
Insomnia, or the inability to fall or remain asleep can take many different forms and has multiple causes. We can identify two main types of insomnia. Sleep-Onset Insomnia (problems falling asleep, also called Initial Insomnia) Sleep-maintenance insomnia (waking during the night and early in the morning) Many people have a combination of these two types of insomnia. Insomnia may also be chronic (nearly every night) or intermittent (occasional insomnia).

Restoring Healthy Sleep the Natural Way
Naturopaths recognize that sleep is like a barometer. When someone consistently struggles to sleep, this is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be investigated. Perhaps there are problems at work or in a relationship. Perhaps there is a depression that needs to be treated. Maybe there is a serotonin or a magnesium deficiency which needs attention. Simply taking strong drugs to fall asleep is not enough and can further complicate the picture.
Fortunately it is possible to treat insomnia in a natural and more holistic way, resulting in a long-term solution which does not damage your health or lead to addiction.
There are many different natural remedies on the market. Not all of these are as natural as they claim to be. Others are not very effective due to inferior formulation or failure to take a more detailed and scientific approach to the treatment of insomnia. Unfortunately this has meant that many people have given up on finding a healthy, natural approach to insomnia.

What are the ingredients of Serenite-LT?
Hypericum perforatum
Schizandra chinesis
Calcium lactate
Vitamin B6

How do I use Serenite-LT?
Adults and Teenagers over 15: Take two tablets two to three times daily.
Children 12 - 15: Take one tablet two to three times daily.
CAUTION: Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been clinically established. Pregnant women and nursing mothers can safely use our Sleep Tonic.
CAUTION: Serenite-LT should not be combined with Mindsoothe or any other anti-depressant medication and is not recommended for people with uncontrolled high blood pressure.

How long until I see results?
Serenite-LT is an effective long term solution to chronic insomnia. With regular use, results should be noted within 3 -5 weeks.
During this initial period while Serenite-LT is taking effect, many people like to use our SerenitePlus Drops to induce a pleasant sense of relaxation and drowsiness before bedtime.

How long will a bottle last?
One bottle of Serenite-LT will last approximately one month depending on dosage.

What else can I do to help?
1. Exercise regularly!
2. Avoid alcohol and caffeine products at least 4 hours before bedtime.
3. Have a warm bath just before you go to bed.
4. If you are worried, anxious or depressed, talk about your feelings.
5. If you have unresolved issues or problems that are causing stress, consult a counselor

Serenite-LT is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

Disclaimer:: The information on this website is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure and is not a substitute for a professional consultation with a medical or health professional. Do not make any changes or additions to your prescription medicine without first consulting your doctor. Should symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

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