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Home  |  Psychological Health  |  Emotional & Mood Support  |  Native Remedies Anger-Soothe - Reduce Anger & Temper Outbursts
Native Remedies Anger-Soothe - Reduce Anger & Temper Outbursts [810845017305]
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Anger-Soothe is a natural homeopathic remedy reduces irritability, anger and rage, including temper outbursts and emotional outbursts.


Use Anger-Soothe to:
1. Reduces feelings of discontent and frustration.
2. Soothe irritation especially suited for stressed, workaholic personalities
3. Addresses feeling of the last straw
4. Reduces acute anger flare-ups
5. Relieves night time tension, including night terrors and sleep talking
6. Calms underlying anxiety
7. Reduces angry emotions

Angry actions reactions
Usually most of us have become angry at one point or another. It may be that after a challenging day our patience wears thin and the smallest thing makes us angry. It is quite normal to become unhappy and angry sometimes. However, because anger is an emotion there is a very wide range of levels of anger. For some individuals it may take a lot to get angry, with others the fuse may be a short one.

Signals are sent to the brain to arouse anger and signals are also sent to other parts of the body. The heart rate may increase, hands may shake or tremble and increased blood flow to the face may cause it to become red. Scientists are still investigating the link between anger and impulsivity - the angrier we become, the more likely we are to be irrational and impulsive. In short, when we‘re angry, we may act without thinking!

What is Anger-Soothe?
Anger-Soothe is a 100% natural homeopathic remedy formulated to soothe acute feelings of anger and help to prevent temper outbursts. Anger-Soothe can be used to safely support the nervous system and at a cellular level, without harmful side effects. This remedy contains a selection of homeopathic remedies known for their ability to address emotions of anger and irritability and sudden temper outbursts. Due to the concentrated tincture formula, Anger-Soothe Drops are absorbed into the system with ease - exactly when you need it!

The Natural Way
In today’s modern world, it may take a lot to resist the urge to get angry. However, there is a lot that can be done naturally to manage this emotion. When you begin to feel flustered, take a deep breath and count to ten. This may sound juvenile, but as you count in your head, try to picture the rational way to handle things (it may minimize the damage you may do while angry). Try to picture an oasis of calm, however hard this may be! It is not a good idea to vent anger, as this may become a habit that fuels the cycle. Instead, try to take up an energetic sport that requires concentration, (preferably not a contact sport), such as racket-ball or rock climbing. Exercise is a great way to relax and work off some steam.

You don’t have to be a Zen master to soothe your mood. Natural remedies can also help to support calmed demeanor and balanced emotion. In fact, natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to support the healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Anger-Soothe contains the following homeopathic ingredients:
1. Nux vom 6C
2. Chamomilla 6C
3. Lycopodium 6C
4. Peppermint
5. Citricidal Extract - inactive ingredient.

How do I use Anger-Soothe?
Anger-Soothe is presented in a concentrated 50ml tincture formula, making it easy to take.

Hold bottle upside down and administer 10 drops directly into the mouth. Alternatively dilute 10 drops in quarter cup water and sip slowly. Dosage may be repeated 3 - 5 times daily if needed until symptoms subside. May be used with MindSoothe Capsules for ongoing emotional wellbeing. Anger-Soothe is often recommended along with our PureCalm anti-stress remedy for adults. Children can also use our Tula Tantrum Tamer to stabilize mood.

Consult your doctor if symptoms persist or worsen.

Anger-Soothe is highly recommended along with the following natural remedies:
MindSoothe Capsules - herbal remedy to address Depression.
PureCalm - herbal remedy to help support calmed soothed nerves and lessen anxiety.
Triple Complex MoodTonic - tissue salt remedy to support calmed mood at a cellular level.

How long until I see results?
Anger-Soothe supports the body on a cellular level - helping to support the nervous system - from the first dose. Anger-Soothe contains homeopathic ingredients in a tincture formula that facilitates rapid absorption into the system - just when you need it!

How long will a bottle last?
One 50ml bottle of Anger-Soothe will last approximately 30 days. Exactly how long a bottle lasts will depend on the frequency of use.

Disclaimer:: The information on this website is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure and is not a substitute for a professional consultation with a medical or health professional. Do not make any changes or additions to your prescription medicine without first consulting your doctor. Should symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

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